The yellow light

Just dim the lights and pause the fights, as tonight is the night when all the stars are gathering up to show their blitz and glitter the pitch black mattress of infinity with scented gold dust and floating vapoured heavens called clouds. Ease your breath and listen to the whips and the splashes the river makes as if it wants to sound pleasantly subtle today while it passes on the reflections of the sparkles from up there even when it moves on erratically. I hope you notice that the kittens are not crying today, but playing around with purrs of joy till they have dusted and rusted their furs of coy never getting tired as tonight, tonight i guess the settings around have some different plans. There is jhonny cash playing on the vintage radio numbing the brains like every pick of the guitar strings drenching the soul in pleasant rains. The kid living by the street is fast asleep it seems, underneath the warmth of his mushy blanket clasping his batman tight up to his chest saving the gotham of his dreams. Cold hands and white lights. Warm breaths and flying kites. The world is settled tonight.

One for my 100 brothers!

Two years isn’t a short span of time, and having spent these years in a hostel in a city like goa with the kind of wonderful people I had been with, the memories deserved some writing.Here it flows:

Packing my bags,sitting in my hostel room.

Staring at the walls and the corners where thousands of stories had their bloom !

Where the dreamers and admirers lay down beneath the skies,

Playing songs on a trip, and laughing the nights away with trippy eyes…

Some rooms which saw me grow, teaching me sweet and bitter truths about life i couldnt learn from others.

This is the same place where i found, met and got my hundred brothers!!!

Where we learnt to laugh at ourselves, and shaping sarcastic attacks,

We turned the classrooms into chaos, mocking up the profs behind their backs !

From showering of eggs to the swelled up bums on the birthdays,

From revealing the age old pics to photoshopping, to embarass each other, we always found out a hundred new ways..

The banging of tables when india won, to the aztecworlds where someone had no gun.

Managing to crack presentations and exams on the verge of dooms,we’ll cherish living in this mansion with 30 rooms !

Where you can go anywhere anytime, sit and discuss topics of negligible importance,

the rooms which were party capitals,movie hubs,food junctions we were never short of anything, not even once !!!!

From the places we visited, beaches we went to, roads we travelled together,

these two years will influence our choice of beers,songs,sarcasm and goals. No doubt, whatsoever!

We had our share of disagreements and disputes after the drunken nights,

but we still always cared, never heard a no when asked for anything,it was all okay coz brothers do have fights !

From football to cricket to pokemon go, we always had enough talent and firepower to show.

No matter in how many parts we are left divided, the level of sarcasm & jokes in ‘stuffs’ will always be PRO !

A few months from now, when we’ll be slowly unboxing our the multi-level lunch boxes in our cubicles at the site office tables all alone, our hearts will sink when we miss how we had the food in all the chaos of laughters and how the fresh rotis arrived by just one call to any random one.

That rotis that never broke in two, leaving us irritated and ill, never imaged we would miss that mess food too,but we will.

We will all be standing by some horizons in the evenings all tired, watching the sunsets we used to admire from our wonderful galleries.
And to get such days back will be our only wish,

but as of now we r going on with the flow,doing one of the toughest things ever, signing off from “Atish” !



Everyone in life faces his/her share of hassles and tough times and rough patches. Conflicting, anxious situations.Then there are all the endearing and beautiful moments which make up for the darker parts.That makes the soul smiles along with the lips.And thats how the cycle functions. Ups and downs and that is how we go on, that is how life,goes on.
And on this path full of troughs and crests, we do,we need to,and sometimes we fail to realize things ! But someday, you will……

You will realize raw emotions are rare, people live around in a temporary bubble that bursts with time and abrasion.

You will realize anger, frustration, revenge are all temperory adranaline rushes which are better if kept off our minds.

You will realize that friends are the biggest assest we can ever have, and we seldom take for granted.

You will realize people you thought you can trust upon can infuse a dagger down your throat, and people can be unexpectedly comforting and nice to us sometimes.

You will realize family matters, holding on to the roots are important, they are the only ones who stand by you when the battlefield is washed out.

You will realize love is a stronger emotion than we expect it to be, it can make us feel like we are flying amongst the stars and also thud you on the ground breaking all your bones apart.

You will realize running behind all the flashy, striking things, all the lights will only blind you on a longer run.

You will realize all the extravagant, exorbitant dinners are not what you will remember but the cheap beer with friends alongside the porch is what will arch a memory.

You will realize the importance of patience and how things play around your mind when they dont go your way.

You will realize luck matters, exists and plays a role no matter how hard you sweat or grind.

You will realize your your dreams have a limit and there are a lot of side kicks playing along to clip your wings upto your goals.

You will realize how you never realize the significance of some of the most basic fortunes of life, which can be as simple as good health.

You will realize that people will take u for granted, treat you as options,kick you out of their lives for no fault of yours.

You will realize people leave, no matter how bad you want them to stay and there are people coming in our lives which bring waves of fresh energy that can grout our broken cracks sometimes.

You will realize some mistakes you did in your part that will eat you up, but there will be no undo button on the screen of your life.
You will realize all you are left with in the end is you yourself, your goals, your dreams, your hobbies and your art.

You will realize it is better to shut up than to blabber to prove ourselves right amongst idiots and assholes.

You will realize life is unfair,it is a freakshow where there will be monkeys handling swords and the undeserving ones claiming all the trophies.

But you will realize, this is the playground you are pitched into, you have learnt to crawl, then walk, run and now you have to fly no matter how many bullets are fired across to stop your takeoff !

You will realize you have to survive, and with a smile, because no matter what we face in life, we are born for a purpose, with a fire that needs to be smoked off with your efforts, sweats and pains 🙂

The one for my two homes : Home to Hostel

: As i sit in my porch,on my wooden chair. Free in my oversized clothes, knowing no one would care. Glazing at the falling rains and the  lightening that is sometimes blinding. Feeling like i’m on the iron throne,of the king’s landing. The overcast evening, the cool breeze,the extra dark coffee in my old white mug. Lost in the wins, brimming streams and the cold engines on the roads that chug.That familiar smells of mom’s spices on the pan and the grinding of the blenders. From the honking of the horns to the screaming of the vendors. The old city feels to the high tower chills ! I am home and i cn feel it deep.

: No alarms to keep for the mornings, no snooze to add. The morning newspapers, random discussions and conversations with dad.

: The familiar whistles blows and accurately short miscalls by frndz to call you out.

: The constant nagging to keep the lights and fans off and all the mess u make that makes you mom shout.

: From the tail wagging welcomes of my pet to the icecreams in my deepfreezer that r always set. To my kingside bed and my kingdom of pillows that lay around. The streets our gang ruled and the city which was our playground.

My video games, my tv, the comfiest couch where i spread like melted cheese. I will crave for all these comforts and il miss all this ease.

: I will be leaving all this for the dreams i am chasing. Its my fears, the world myself against whom i am racing. All the festivals, all the moments, these comforts i sacrifice, makes me work harder and the efforts would never suffice.

I know my brothers are waiting, waiting for the  bashups and boozeups on the other side. But when it will come down to the challenges, all of em we will abide.

But we will come back home, with our heads up high, now no more heads turning back and no more favours we buy.

I am home tonight, its my last and i feel it deep 🙂